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We offer laser bending and cutting services for metal. To provide the greatest services on the market, we use the most recent CNC technology. Our prestigious clients around the world are pleased with our services.

Numerous industries, including the oil and gas industry, the manufacturing of heating and cooling equipment, the engineering industry, the medical field, the defence industry, the packaging industry, and the manufacturing of construction materials, to name a few, have a high demand for our standard grade CNC laser cutting service.


Material All ferrous & Non ferrous Metal
Manufacturing Processes CNC Laser Cutting, Welding & Bending
Post Processes Nickel Plating, Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Passivation, Chrome Plating, Aluminum Anodizing, Painting etc.
Packing Packed in wooden/corrugated boxes with plastic bubble wrap & stretchy roll each part.
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Terraforge CNCReasons to Use Fabrication


Due to the intrinsic qualities of metals, such as strength, durability, and malleability, there are many alternatives and possibilities available when it comes to metal manufacturing.


Whether it's a difficult structural component or a decorative piece, metal fabrication enables highly customised designs and products to satisfy particular requirements.

Strength and Durability

Because of their strength and endurance, metals are well-suited for applications that need to be strong and last a long time.


Because metal components are durable and don't need to be replaced or fixed frequently, metal manufacture can eventually be more affordable.

Wide Material Selection

Steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and other types of metals, among others, can all be used for metal fabrication, giving designers more freedom to choose the right material for the job.

Heat Resistance

Because of their high melting points and great heat resistance, metals are ideal for applications involving high temperatures or thermal stress.
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