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A common manufacturing technique for producing things having a constant cross-sectional profile is extrusion. To create a continuous shape, a substance is pushed or forced through a die, usually a pliable plastic or metal. The first phase requires adding the raw material to a hopper, usually in the form of pellets. The substance is then transported into a heated barrel. The material is heated and pressurised inside the barrel before being pressed through the die, which defines the extruded product's ultimate size and shape. In order to harden the material as it comes out of the die, cooling mechanisms are used. Numerous benefits of extrusion include its high production rates, adaptability in producing complex shapes, and affordability. It is

Applications of Extrusion

  • Hollow pipes and tubes are frequently manufactured using the extrusion method.
  • It is the best method for producing windows, doors, and frames.
  • Extrusion is appropriate for carrying out intricate structural work.
  • In order to create various electric systems, extrusion is used.
  • It is applied to the construction of premium machine guarding structures.
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Advantages of Extrusion


Extrusion is an example of a very adaptable manufacturing method that can create a wide variety of objects with complex cross-sectional characteristics. It enables the creation of many different shapes, including hollow portions, solid bars, and tubes.


When compared to alternative manufacturing techniques, extrusion offers significant cost savings. This continuous process enables the manufacture of significant volumes of goods in a constrained amount of time. Because of the process's great efficiency and low tooling costs, there is little material waste.

Material utilization

Extrusion uses a continuous process to ensure effective material utilisation. With little waste, the material is pressed through a die. Additionally, the ability to extrude a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, enables choosing the material that is most suited for the application.

Complex shapes and designs

Extrusion allows for the fabrication of complex shapes and designs, surpassing the capabilities of other manufacturing techniques, which sometimes struggle or fall short of such intricacy. The procedure enables exact control over the finished product's size and shape, including complex patterns, thin walls, and different thicknesses.

High production rate

Extrusion is a high-speed manufacturing method that can produce enormous quantities of product. When compared to alternative processes, the continuous nature of the process ensures a consistent output, leading to higher production rates. This is especially helpful for industries that need large quantities of products.

Enhanced mechanical properties

The mechanical qualities of materials can be enhanced by extrusion. The material experiences plastic deformation during extrusion, which can improve the grain structure and increase strength and durability. Because of this, extruded items are perfect for uses that call for great strength and wear-and-tear resistance.
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