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Trusted by 85% of Fortune 500 Aerospace Companies, GE, NASA, and the US Army

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Get DFM feedback, lead times, and price in a few clicks as opposed to many days. With the help of Xometry IQSM, you can quickly select the option with the best price/lead time for your project. Compatible with files from Parasolid, Mesh, STEP, and ACIS.

Quality Assurance

We hold certifications for AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485. We provide CoCs, material certificates, process lot traceability, comprehensive dimensional reports, inspection reports, and hardware certs. We are ITAR registered. Visit our Quality Assurance capabilities page for more information.

How Does Terraforge CNC Automation Help the Aerospace Industry?

With Xometry, government organisations, aerospace firms, and defence contractors may create a more adaptable supply chain while they concentrate on finding new markets for their commercial and defence products. The security-related requirements of the Defence Logistics Agency Joint Certification Programme (JCP), the Defence Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) are all addressed by Xometry. All files posted to our application are DFARS-compliant and encrypted both in transit and at rest. We will only work with ITAR-registered partners, as defined by the Directorate of Defence Trade Controls.

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Give your Aerospace Supply Chain a Boost with Manufacturing on DemandAerospace

NASA and 85% of Fortune 500 aerospace and defence businesses partner with Xometry (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485 & AS9100D Certified | ITAR Registered) to streamline their supply chains and dynamically increase manufacturing capacity. Our production-as-a-service solution makes use of a vast network of more than 4,000 carefully screened local manufacturing facilities located all across the United States, including ITAR-qualified, AS 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and NADCAP facilities. The tight criteria for A&D are met by account-level settings for certifications like material and process lot traceability and inspection reports like CMM and first article inspection. Flight Parts Required? Visit our Xometry Quoting Guide for more information. We also produce special drone parts.

Laser Cutting

A focused laser beam is utilised in the "laser cutting" procedure to cut the material and produce the desired result. Even the smallest necessary parts for the building and architectural model-making industries can be cut and engraved using a laser. Manufacturers may precisely produce any elements required for detailed building reproductions, architectural models or realistic model trains using laser cutting technology. The parts have no burrs, dust, or swarf and can be used right away without further processing. To fulfil your unique manufacturing demands, KARV Automation offers laser cutting on a variety of metals, including,

Aluminium Stainless Steel

Augmented Reality

The planning and construction processes in the aerospace sector are greatly streamlined by the use of augmented reality technology. the capacity of augmented reality technology to enable the capture, processing, and calculation of the surrounding information and data from the real world for any purpose, such as item identification and computer visualisation.

The AR Walkthrough app is the commercial augmented reality solution of choice for home builders. The programme turns leads into customers by providing potential homebuyers with a captivating and unique user experience. As potential homebuyers tour a model home, an augmented reality programme physically immerses viewers by digitally superimposing customisation options on a real-world plane.


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