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In order to validate your design, carry out assembly testing, or get ready to launch a product, we are providing rapid prototyping services and the fabrication of small series of metal parts. We are able to make plastic rapid prototyping of the highest quality thanks to our extensive expertise and years of experience, both in terms of its technical functionality and its aesthetic appeal. Our goal is to deliver the best service and product at a fair price as professionals in the field of plastic rapid prototyping inToronto.

In just a few days, we can deliver your Metal prototypes at affordable pricing.


  • CAD Model Creation in accordance with the Required Design
  • creation of a file that is ready for 3D printing.STL model
  • using the right fast prototyping/3D printing techniques
  • Post-processing and model finishing
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Terraforge CNCWe are offering following rapid prototyping technologies

Vacuum casting

Rapid plastic prototyping is the principal use for this method. It provides the ability to produce small batches of plastic parts in a matter of days.

Plastic injection

We design a streamlined aluminium mould for rapid prototyping in order to reduce costs and turnaround times. The mechanical and aesthetic qualities are the same as those of industrial parts.


Suitable for prototyping of complex shapes.

CNC machining

This kind of 3D prototype is appropriate for concept validation, mechanical testing, or the creation of visually appealing and functional parts that closely resemble series components.

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