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Products or components that can withstand unforeseen operating situations are constantly required by the oil and gas industry. For the oil and gas industry, we provide a wide range of precision machining services. Our components are made with materials that enable them to survive harsh situations in addition to being precisely constructed. Our ability to produce enhanced applications every time is made possible by our extensive industry knowledge and precision machining skills.


CNC Turning and Milling

These two procedures are crucial in CNC machining. We can guarantee component precision thanks to these procedures. We can supply parts with a maximum part diameter of 16″ dia. and lengths up to 3 feet thanks to our sophisticated CNC turning services. We guarantee tolerances of.0002 or less. Using CNC milling, pieces up to 10″ X 32″ X 64″ can be produced.

Precision Machining

We can offer a wide range of services, including tapping, deburring, drilling, internal threading, etc., thanks to our precise CNC machining skills. Additional services that we may offer include plating, anodizing, heat treating, welding, and a broad variety of others.

Drilling down on success

Professionals in the energy and oil fields can rely on Cox Manufacturing to deliver their products on schedule with assurance. Our skilled machining team is aware of the exacting efficiency standards and tolerances demanded by the energy sector.

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Oil & Gas

Oil Field Machining Benefits
Oil & Gas

Professionals at Terraforge CNC are motivated by self-assurance, dependability, and cutting-edge equipment like:

The extraordinary precision of multi-spindle cam automatics, CNC turning centres, and CNC Swiss machining
Using a Esprit CAD/CAM system, the most complex geometries may be produced with the tightest tolerances (full equipment list).
the capacity to process materials that other producers won't, such as titanium, coppers, plastics, and unusual alloys that satisfy the unique requirements of energy and oil field components

Materials We Work With

While manufacturing goods for the oil and gas industry, we frequently work with the following materials. These materials require tight tolerances, high finishes, and varied machining properties.

• Inconel 718: This high-strength nickel chromium alloy with exceptional weldability resists corrosion. Although fatigue creeps in, it has strong tensile and rupture strength. This is why it is frequently utilised to make different components for the oil and gas industry.

• Inconel 800: This alloy of nickel, iron, and chromium is renowned for its exceptional structural strength, oxidation resistance, and resistance to carburization at high temperatures. The chloride stress corrosion cracking of this alloy is influenced by the nickel content of the alloy. Additionally, the alloy provides exceptional resistance in situations with high levels of acidity and sulphur.
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CNC Machined Parts and Components for Oil and Gas Industry

We offer CNC machining for the aforementioned products and components:

Systems and Pumps
Parts for tri-cone drill bits
component hydraulics
Submersible Electric Pumps
Systems for Stuffing Box Sealing
Systems for Connected Rod Bushings and Valving
Bushings for wristpins
High-Pressure Vacuum Barrier Components of a FRAC pump
Blowout Preventers Actuating Systems FRAC Pump Liners Spacers

We are dedicated to excellence. Every time, the CNC-machined parts and components we produce adhere to strict industry requirements. Please get in touch with us directly for more information on our CNC machining services for the oil and gas industry or other industries.


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