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A practical tool for this hobby and a great method to put three-dimensional (3D) modelling skills to use is drone CNC machining. A CNC, or computer numerical control, milling machine is an automated milling machine that can produce parts. I'll discuss drone CNC machining in this article and how you can do it yourself.


Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation method that adds a protective layer of natural oxide to the surface of metal components.


By minimising the roughness, electropolishing is used to improve the metal’s surface finish.

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Powder Coating

To give a robust, solvent-free surface that is resistant to wear, powder coating is employed.

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Machine Setup

The G-code file must then be imported into a CNC control programme as the next step. This software will be present in most CNC machines. Mach 3 is the control programme of choice for me, however any control software can perform the same task. I position the CNC head at the piece's origin (often the material corner) after loading the G-code into Mach 3. I then position the origin (X=0,Y=0,Z=0) at the place where the milling bit just contacts the material after lowering the head to that level. The programme can be launched after elevating the head and arming the spindle. The CNC machining by drones has now started.

Parts Clean Up

After the pieces have undergone drone CNC machining, cleanup is necessary. My cleanup process entails pulling off the adhesive tape I used to secure the carbon. In order to get rid of any splinters or sharp edges, I would also suggest lightly sanding the part's edges with some 1500 grit sandpaper. If you decided to utilise holding tabs, use a Dremel to carefully cut them off so you may grind them back before sanding. To lessen carbon dust, I advise sanding in a tub of water.


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